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Board of Freeholders to be established for St. Louis City and County to evaluate potential merger

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Although Better Together’s plan for the creation of a new “metro city” from the consolidation of St. Louis City and County has failed, discussions over the structure of municipal government in the St. Louis metropolitan area continue. Recently, a petition has gathered enough signatures to establish a Board of Freeholders to analyze the issue. The empaneling of nineteen member Board of Freeholders is authorized by the Missouri Constitution and has the power to create a plan to, among other things, (1) consolidate the territories and governments of the St. Louis City and County into one political subdivision under the municipal government of the City of St. Louis, (2) extend the territorial boundaries of the County so as to embrace the territory within the City, (3) to reorganize and consolidate the governments of the City and County, or (4) to formulate and adopt any other plan for the partial or complete government of all or any part of the City and the County. If a plan is approved by a majority of the Board of Freeholders, then the plan would be placed on the ballot during a special election. However, contrary to Better Together’s proposal, in order to pass, any plan by the Board of Freeholders would need to be approved by the majority of the voters of St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

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