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New law requires notice to employees and other requirements

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The Victims Economic Safety and Security Act became effective on August 28, 2021 and requires political subdivisions to provide certain unpaid leave and reasonable safety accommodations for eligible employees in accordance with the Act. See §§ 285.625-285.670 RSMo. If such leave is required, cities generally will have to pay health insurance coverage costs for affected employees and dependents during the leave period, in certain situations. See § 285.635 RSMo. Section 285.665 requires employers to deliver notice (LS-112 Notice to Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave Time Allowed) to each person employed by the employer no later than October 27, 2021, and for each person hired after that date, such notice shall be delivered at the commencement of employment. The poster can be found here. While this Act is in effect, there are outstanding questions regarding its requirements and therefore it is recommended that you consult with your attorney if circumstances arise that could implicate this Act.

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