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New legislation increases state auditor’s authority over TDDs and CIDs

On August 28th, HB 1418 and SB 1002 went into effect, increasing the State Auditor’s oversight of Transportation Development Districts (TDDs) and Community Improvement Districts (CIDs). HB 1418 modifies the process for TDDs to file annual financial statements and the penalties for failure to do so. The State Auditor is now required to report to the Missouri Department of Revenue any TDD’s failure to file its financial statement (financial statements are required per § 105.145 RSMo.). The fine for failing to submit the annual financial statement will be $500 per day, and the new laws provide a mechanism for collection of the fine. Fines will begin accruing on the 31st day after the TDD is sent notice of its failure to file the financial statement. All TDDs must also submit to the State Auditor’s office by December 31st, 2016 the names and contact information of their current board and the date the TDD was formed. Regarding CIDs, SB 1002 now allows the State Auditor to audit a CID in the same manner as any state agency – a petition from CID residents is no longer required to initiate an audit.

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