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2019 Municipal Issue Reports

- United States Supreme Court ruling on takings claims may result in more federal lawsuits

- Board of Freeholders to be established for St. Louis City and County to evaluate potential merger

- Trial court order voids city traffic regulations on St. Louis County arterial roads

- Court orders increased budget for Sheriff & awards of attorneys' fees for County's "bad faith" budget actions 

- "Hey, whose record is this?" Federal agency records, FOIA, and the Sunshine law

- Records cannot be closed to one individual threatening litigation if not otherwise closed 

- Taxpayer challenge to CID sales tax election authorized

2018 Municipal Issue Reports

Report No. 2018 - 01

Report No. 2018 - 02

Report No. 2018 - 04

- Proposed legislation affecting municipal interests

- Ordinance prohibiting interference with police upheld as constitutional

- Ambulance district cannot force City to pay for services without valid written contract

- "Physical presence rule" for out-of-state businesses to be required to remit sales taxes held "unsound and incorrect

- New legislation of municipal interest

- Court takes expansive view of "dangerous condition" exception to sovereign immunity in wrongful death action against City

- "Mere Inconvenience" does not meet "practical difficulties" test for non-use variances

- Statewide prepaid wireless emergency telephone services charge will go into effect January 2019, unless cities opt out

- Changes in Missouri telecom and rights-of-way laws may require action; linear foot fees for grandfathered cities still enforceable

- Newspaper article triggers statute of limitations for Sunshine law violations in case against county commission

- Legal challenge to City's zoning code light restrictions thrown out

- Better Together task force to reveal plans for unification of St. Louis City and County

- United States Supreme Court rules that all local government entities, regardless of size, must comply with Federal Age Discrimination Act

- Municipal Officials Training Academy announces the 2019 program

2017 Municipal Issue Reports

Report No. 2017 - 01

Report No. 2017 - 02

- Pending telecom bills sharply limit local control of antennas in rights-of-way

- Court confirms municipal corporations are not subject to claims for unjust enrichment and City is not liable under payment bond statute

- Beware of requests from utility companies asking about your city's tax

- Cities must be cautious when drafting contracts or risk adverse rulings if the contract is found to be ambiguous

- New legislation of municipal interest

- Cities obtain summary judgment ruling on telecom license taxes

- Missouri Supreme Court Weighs in on SB5

- Court upholds licensing ordinance for Twin Oaks park

- Declaration of Candidacy forms for municipal elections may require revision

- Challenge to St. Louis City smoking ban rejected

- 8th Circuit upholds municipal policy prohibiting leaflet distribution outside City-owned area

- Appeals Court upholds City's payroll tax cooperative agreements reimbursing companies' redevelopment costs

- Learn about the EPA's water and wastewater infrastructure loans for municipalities

- Municipal Officials Training Academy announces 2018 program

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