Changes in Missouri rights-of-way laws do not affect linear foot fee obligations in grandfathered ci

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

H.B. 1991, the “Uniform Small Wireless Facility Deployment Act”67.1846 RSMo

Given the magnitude of potential compensation owed to grandfathered Cities, careful examination of your City’s ordinances, rights-of-way use agreements, license agreements, and other documents in the city’s possession is warranted to make a determination if your City is grandfathered. In the last three to four years, CVR has successfully settled multiple cases-netting Cities nearly $3 million dollars total-for underpayment or non-payment of linear foot fees to grandfathered Cities. If you have any questions about these matters, or if you need assistance in determining if your City is a grandfathered City, please contact your City Attorney or Joe Bond at

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